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God Waits — but Who Will Cry Out? — 4 Comments

  1. Beautiful message.  Please agree with me that an anointing for intercession will fall on the body of Christ to cry out to God for mercy and His grace to bring this great revival that we so much need.  There are many soula to be saved and the Lord is waiting for us to partner with Him in travail for this generation to come to His fold.  Thank you for posting this great word from the Lord and Saviour. Many blessings to you and family!!!

  2. This is plain historical facts. Father Nash was the backbone of Charles Finney so much so that when he died Charles knew he had lost such a great hero of the 2 Great Awakening, the greatest move since Pentecost, that the took a job in Oberland and his great years were behind him. But the cost of Father Nash’s travail is daunting to say the least

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