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My Glory is Breaking Out Around You — 3 Comments

  1. Dear sister Deborah, I MUST confirm this ! Today I prayed “heaven to earth” ! GOD opened up the clouds during a loud prayer. Suddenly I saw a heavenly beautiful spectacle unfolding, a miracle. I can’t explain in detail why I had to pray. I was at work in city centre for a billionaire’s widow. The endorsements, the rejection, jealousy, the pressure against me and my correctly, patiently and all time friendly, even humbly work was raising high. After increasing despair what the next shift workmate would throw against me when noticing that lady is still in pyjama at noon… absolutely unplanned I went to one of the huge windows in the attic city appartement, and I started to pray, no matter what the client nor the hidden cameras, microphones, security service etc. would think about. Then GOD HIMSELF showed up, or His brightest angels, silver lined, it was shining into the big salon where this old lady stood still like in a short shock. When I turned away from the window with tears and looked at her, she asked if all is well. I smiled at her, telling her, JESUS CHRIST never lets me down, HE is here. She said no more evil sentence against me. And the team colleague / workmate who arrived at 2 PM made no reproach against me why the lady was still in night dress. Dementia patients can be very “strange”. I am convinced that many many people on this planet are not sick, but blind, or in a behavioural state of games. Being normal, being true, being trustworthy and authentic is the new luxury in these last days.

  2. “Yes! Its that new and greater Wave of His Glory, coming into the Earth, Presently! A Glory that Abides and brings a people prepared & tried into that “High Calling of God in Christ Jesus”
    “Out of Zion the Perfection of beauty God hath Shined”! -PS 50
    “When he comes to be glorified in His saints”! 2Thes 1
    The Three Fold Fulness of God,_The Son, The Spirit and The Father Tabernacling within Zion! Its Time for those
    Eagle Saints to Arise!

  3. This prophecy was needed at this time. I’m my prayers this morning they followed the same path as this, only the language was different! This is a real blessing! Thank you God!

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