My People, your Tears have not fallen in vain…

This article was first published today on Facebook by mitch salmon and is republished here with the kind permission of the author.


nazerine icon“Oh, My people!  Your tears have not fallen in vain.  As the leaves were removed from the branches you lamented and cried out unto Me.  As the branches were lopped off laying bare the trunk you cried, “Where are you, oh sovereign LORD?”

As they began hacking away even at the trunk casting it into the fire doubt began to overtake you.  On this day hear the word of the LORD.  While you have suffered great loss, I am preserving the righteous root.  It will not be plucked up and therefore you shall never be removed.  This root was in place long before the tares began to grow up around you.  It is this root which I have established and this root which shall remain.  I have heard your cries.  Hold fast, My people!  If you love Me more than you love your fleshly lives you shall not suffer loss.  You will not be harmed by the second death.

Rejoice!  For I have placed on your heads the Martyr’s Crown.  For eternity all will know that you are My people and that I am your God.

Behold, in this hour a shoot which springs forth from this previously barren stump.  In this season I am rebuking the devourer.  In this season I am beginning am turning the tide.  Fear not!  See how I am doing a new thing?  I have not left nor have I forsaken you . Take heart for My promises are true.  Every last word I have spoken shall come to pass.  Every stroke of the pen written by My scribes shall be accomplished in their due season.  For you, My people, this is a season of hope.

This sign has been used for your persecution but now it is a symbol of solidarity.  This sign has marked you for death, but behold I will use it as a symbol for life.  You are not alone.”


Mitch Salmonmitch salmon is a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the good news!
This article was first published on Facebook.



My People, your Tears have not fallen in vain… — 1 Comment

  1. Psalm 118:6 (NLT)
    6 The Lord is for me, so I will have no fear.
    What can mere people do to me?