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My Testimony of Many Healings — 3 Comments

  1. Jesus is our HEALER! HE IS LORD OVER EVERY SITUATION. Jesus also miraculous healed me of Gastroparesis where my food couldn’t get to my lower stomach, chronic headaches, eye problem, umbilical hernia, cancerous wart, total deafness, high blood pressure, stroke, countless road accidents & many other situations following lots of prayers.  Thank you for sharing & praying for me.

  2. Wow What an Awesome loving Father we serve Oh how he loves us so much. I too can share how I almost could have been in a state such as a Major Stroke. I overdose 3 years ago on vitamins vitamins.that were not fat solable which remained in my body Months on end. Well to make a long story short. I had a blood pressure of 190 over 90 never ever had a blood pressure that high. I ended up being admitted for an overnight stay. All was well with me. Jesus spared my life. Praise God ! No longer do I consume a lot of vitamins at one time. Amen ! I been blessed healed through Almighty God ! Glory to his name.

  3. Awesome testimony and very timely. Thank you for sharing it and putting the enemy to shame! Glory, glory to our Lord God All Mighty! JESUS lives and is worthy to be praised.

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