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My Vision of Hell: Those Living a Double Life (Bound by Perversion) — 3 Comments

  1. Paul said sodomites will not inherit the kingdom of God. You need to define this word by doing a bible study with strongs concordance. Perversion takes many forms but it centers around the word of God as unclean. If you look up relations and bodily fluid in the old testament you will find the word unclean associated with it. Folks there is biblical proof of what Mena is sharing is accurate please do not shrug this teaching off.

  2. Dear sister in the Lord, I thank God for your honesty and boldness to speak out about the immorality in the Church. I was married to a Preacher, a Deliverance Minister fo 20 years and everything you spoke of was in his life and affected people in the church having relationships with the woman when exposed he left me as the Pastors wife and the Church! He had taken my daughter’s virginity ar 16-17 yrs old etc we have been both delivered from all the above you mention.TGBTG

  3. Thank you Mena for posting.  I’m near the end of 21 day water fast and the Lord has strengthened me and spoke to me.  I’m so thankful to hear of your fast because I don’t hear of hardly anyone fasting before the Lord. Thank you.

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