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North Korea and Prophecy Fulfilled — 9 Comments

  1. I personally believe that something are prophesied for thing that will occur in the future not in that time.. Kim Clement prophesy said one key word “ vegetative State” unlike when his father died he flat out died of a heart-attack and that was documented .. I know that they are showing Kim alive but if you review past tapes of Kim had a very different look and demeanor compared to this one! Even there are noticeable physical difference in his stature, weight and personality ..The Kim they are displaying is a decoy.. Unlike this current imposterKim was very quiet, reserved , stern and rarely smiled.. Even his walk is not the same.. The Kim they are showing is definitely to upbeat , friendly and bubbly!! This Kim is to friendly and you can tell the dictator personality is not one who would install fear or respect!! With China, Japan , Korea, Russia, Iran etc I wouldn’t put it pass them to lie and present a false narrative just like the COVOD-19 they can not be trusted to be truthful and honest!! Believe they are all plotting something diabolical and sinister against USA ,Isreal and other world nations. And they need to make she this cover Holds of Him being Alive to get other to side with their evil regimes

  2. You have the right to “your” opinion. I just don’t believe that it’s God’s opinion. Espeically when I see “my” & “I” used in your commentary.
    I’m going to wait (until hell freezes over) to see if a person’s prophetic words don’t come true. It isn’t over till God says it over.

  3. Acts 3:19-Times Of Refreshing G403 Strong’s Hebrew Greek concordance an-aps-ook–sis. From 404;properly,a recovery of breath,i.e. (figuratively) Revival: Revival!  Shalom!

    • Susan C thank you for sharing the Tom Sheets YouTube link.  I do believe God has a remnant that will be used to carry the glory of God as sons of God ruling with authority to bring in the harvest.  To root up, tear down, throw down and destroy.  To build and to plant.

      I hear from God and I know we will move with authority in the earth by the glory of God!  God’s ecclesia!

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