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Now Is Your Time to Go Through the Door! — 3 Comments

  1. I fill that this message is for me God want me to move off of the place that I am in the door that he shut I can’t return must continue forward and not go back thank you God.

  2. Praise the Lord! Just had a big door slammed in my face. What the devil meant for evil and it sure feels like it God makes good. I am trusting in the Lord and His process in this year of destiny fulfillment. Expect beyond your wildest dreams GOD BIG!!!!! I feel in my heart we haven’t seen nothing yet in the God Big realm.  We will be His witnesses to the ends of all the earth allowing God to do His stuff in our lives.  Thanks for your faithfulness. May the Lord bless and keep you God Big!

  3. bendecido su pagina me bendice sóy de argentina y ministerio profetico

    *Bless me blessed your page. I’m from Argentina and prophetic ministry* (Google Translation added by HKP)

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