Now the Days of 2019 Await


“If I saw what you made in my life
Only tears sign joy flows in my life…..

Kubersyukur*… Kubersyukur for your kindness Jesus
Kubersyukur… Kubersyukur for your loyal love.”

When I am in this position, it is not because of my strength and my rushing, but all because of His Mercy that is more than life.

Indeed I am not worthy, but His Love takes care of me, to call Him God and Father.

That’s what makes me every open my eyes and wake up.  I just want to do what is His Will for my life.

In 2018 I’ve been through them all, and now the days of 2019 await.

The most important thing I know, Lord Jesus is always accompanying me, so that there is “nothing impossible” for people who believe…..

I know I’ve never been alone, because The Holy Spirit has brought them, the people I’ve called as the great family of Fire City.

Indeed we are the big family of Fire City, not put together by biological blood, but we are united by the Blood of Jesus and The Holy Spirit, because it is so, we will continue to walk from faith to faith and from glory to glory!

Finally I want to thank you for all the things we have been through in 2018.

I also apologize for every thing that does not please in heart.  Also i ask, please, so we may continue together running. until every promise is fulfilled.

*Kubersyukur = I thank you!


~  Prophet Yesaya Gunawan

Prophet Yesaya GunawanProphet Yesaya Gunawan of Revival Firecity Church,  Indonesia.

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