Now Watch What I Do!


I have heard the cries of My people and seen their tears in the midnight hours.

Their tears are not for themselves but for others.  You are only a few in number, but even two or three are enough.  Their tears are for the hearts of their lost family, friends and neighbors, and they are genuine tears.

There is no other name by which men will be saved, because there is no other blood that could be shed, to change the hearts of men.  The blood of bulls and goats, Donald Trump’s blood, Hilary’s blood, Putin’s blood or your blood; NO blood but Mine has the power to give you the inner peace, and passage into My Kingdom!

I had My Father’s blood on earth, and I emptied it out on earth, to cover your sin from Father’s view.  After My blood has been applied, it’s up to the believer to become intimate with My Father or carry on with business as usual, and become entangled with the affairs of this world.

Those of you who have chosen to become intimate and remained faithful to Me will now enjoy My peace through the coming days of darkness, because it will be light all around you, Isaiah 60:2-5.

You will see Me clearly at every juncture because your hearts have remained pure, Matthew 5:8.  Some will fear greatly fear because they have trusted in man and promoted man as the answer to the coming darkness.

But because you have positioned yourselves to be intimate with My Father and refused to enter into worldly affairs, 2 Timothy 2:4, you will remain in peace and enjoy watching what the power of My name does.

The peace that you have will be a magnet to all those you have been crying for, in the midnight hours.  They will all be saved because I AM a covenant God, 1 Kings 11:34.  Father will draw them to Me through your peace and joy.

Now you will begin to understand My Father’s REST in Hebrews 4, as it amazes the world around you.  The most common phrase you will hear in the coming days is, “Aren’t you even scared”?  And your answer will always be, OF WHAT?

Because the peace you have will be beyond your understanding. “That’s right, the peace of My Father, which passeth all understanding, will keep your hearts and minds, because of the power of My blood,”  Philippians 4:7.

Sad to say, some trust in the elections, and some in their bank accounts: but you remembered to remain intimate with Father so now you can now enjoy watching what I do!   Psalm 20:7.


Jim Hammerle

Jim HammerleJim Hammerle  (1941-2017) began ministering with David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz, founding Teen Challenge Philadelphia. 6 times pastoring a mission ship, 15 years with TV and radio, a retired businessman, Jim helped feed Ugandan widows and orphans, and helped Muslims find the Jesus who fed them. He was His banker and was privileged to give His money away, helping to build a Haiti orphanage and invest in USA lives.  Jim passed away on May 23, 2017 to be with the LORD.

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