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  1. I can only speak of my own and, at least this far, the warfare the Lord has sent me through has always been won through my – no matter circumstances- perfect obedience to His commandments which mostly means to guard my thoughts and bridle my mouth ( rather be quiet than say anything that the Holy Spirit does not urges me to) in face of persecution.

    This is the same (quiet) obedience to the Father that Jesus had and which made Him unbeaten. Also when He decided to climb the cross it was an spiritual victory which was lead of the Father. When we do this will the warfare not be an ‘never ending’ story, because the spirits which influences those ‘vessels’ who comes against us recognizes which spirit we are walking in and if we are walking in perfect obedience the devil- after one or two attacks – must flee!

    “These things I have spoken unto you, that (when you are walking in perfect obedience and abides) in Me ye might have peace. (only)In the world ye shall have tribulation,” John 16:33.

    If there are never ending struggles there is some disobedience that is not repented because the child of God shall walk in peace and power, not in chaos.

    “For thus saith the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength,” Isaiah 30:15

    “If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the (spiritual) good of the land,” Isaiah 1:19.

    “through the greatness of thy power shall thine enemies submit themselves unto thee,” Psalm 66:3.

  2. Yes, the strongest people are in a strongest warfare. When you “find” black gloves on your ways, because they know where you have a date where you will be in the next hours, and when they show you, we are able to destroy everything, and when your bank account runs dry from one hour to another, and when your best friends do not pick up the phone but when, they treat you with a false compassion.
    Yes, I know how it is when nearest family is involved and wants to get rid of you. How it feels when phones and pc are under observation over years, and when they change sentences in mails to blame you.
    But worst of all: When they take over your child !
    Finding coffee in the board over white clothes isn`t that strange – more worse is, they show your private doings in mirroring it outside on the streets. They know when you stand up and when you sleep. They drive with many cars around you, when you leave house. They surround you with empty strollers, or with dolls inside – yes, it`s true.
    For they know – you lost a friend, you lost a promised child. They offend you for all these losses. They provoke whenever they can.
    Near death experiences – oh my sis, I know these more than once.
    I am in the 7th year contact to a high ranked military flight officer from your country. I never wanted to be a “whistleblower” or a spy. When you just ask or have interest in the TRUTH of some suspect plane accidents or you google some background informations, and set some revealing videos to your Youtube channel – then you are an enemy for the system.
    In the Cold War this long term friend was a US fighterjet pilot, but he also was / is an ordained military chaplain. We found each other in a German Christian single community, in Nov. 2009. He was looking for a German or a Swiss wife, a woman who loves GOD first, and for sure – he was impressed by my devotion, dedication to the LORD. But some pastors are this: so religious… I must not tell you this. I couldn`t compromise, and i never could agree to a game or play around of hide and seek in relationships, I do not need half biblical- half psychological books that first must be worked through… most of these books are contrary to simple biblical truth.
    He still is a single man – I never broke any marriage. I didn`t compromise in biblical truth.
    It is getting harder and harder when you tell church Christians about the Holy Word of God. But the “pagans”, the people on the streets are hungry for the truth. So there is much to do.
    I can`t write here public how often I was in life danger. By people who once were VERY close to me. God took me out. It was hard to see God`s plans going down, many powerful things that HE wanted to come to a breakthrough. So we know – God`s strongest people are on a lonely path. History gives many proofs for it.
    God never wanted His greatest plans to be hidden. Jesus Christ had to show up on the highest day of Passah. And all had to see what they were willing and able to do. Sister Barbara – we both serve the RISEN LORD.  And this is our joy and hope and our life task. All glory be to HIM !

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