Don’t Stop Pressing!


We are supposed to be pushing our way toward something.  It seems that some, need to ask themselves, just why were those words written: “For the perfecting of the saints.”

In this hour, the Holy Ghost is urging those who desire to follow Him, to recall, and talk about the things that were originally placed in the New Testament church.  It no longer matters that many, do not want to hear certain things anymore; especially, about the order that was placed there from the beginning.  And who took it out.

It appears that a large crowd, are not changing the Word of the LORD; they know they can’t do that.  Therefore, they are omitting the things they do not want to respond to; just skip over it.  It’s coming to light more often these days, that some are giving these sermons that have already been prepared, by someone else.

Many say, it is often a lesson, procured from another persons book.  Or maybe it’s some easy tasting substance, that doesn’t require any real change.

You see, someone should have stood up, under the appointment and anointing of the Holy Ghost, and addressed the lack of order, stating firmly, that Paul expressly told Timothy, to “preach the Word.”  Not someone, or some groups interpretation.  Not traditions and commandments, of men.

Some of the apostles in that time, were not highly educated; there were no Bible schools to attend.  Just like it was here. But, the Holy Ghost can teach, without a school house.  When someone thirsts for righteousness, and asks the Spirit to lead and guide them, He does; just like the Word said He would.  Those who seek His face, get the direction they need.

There is something else we are to be pressing toward; it’s called a mark.  Paul said he had not arrived yet; and he did not understand all of it yet.  Just when, were we told to stop pressing.  You know, I have to seek the LORD and listen, every moment, when I feel He is having me say something.

Because if we do not say things in the right spirit now, it’s just going to turn people off and offend them.  It was once apparent in prior days, and even so now, that some who are to be bringing a message from God, couldn’t care any less.

Many church folk may feel they have arrived and already attained; but arrived to where and to what. In other words, they are now, well, satisfied.  From the days of brush arbors, pine slat boards for pews and all of the blessings that followed, no service that was led by the Spirit, was ever the same.

We once sung about how the LORD moves in so many different ways; His wonders to perform.  It may be that many, will think this too harsh and too judgmental.  The scriptures say, that you can discern, what you see and hear.

Do we yet remember, that we’re talking about, “the high calling of God, in Christ Jesus?”  This apostle said, for our benefit, that even after the place God had given him, and all the things he was able to accomplish, he could still become a castaway.

That’s why he kept pressing.  There are two more vital words that he used as he taught and wrote here, “Reaching Forth.”  We can’t stay where we are, and move forward at the same time.

We cannot coast and leave the responsibility to others.  We have to keep pressing and reaching forth; a deeper move of the Spirit, for every one of us.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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