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One Lamb for ALL — 2 Comments

  1. In this hour I am praying to our Lord and Savior that he increase the workers and share the Good News! You are right brother, only the true Gospel saves lives! Only our Lord Jesus can’t break the chains! I hear all the time how it is said “there is sin in the church!!” Of course it is! Because the true Gospel that heals, restores and equips a Christian brother or sister to overcome by the power of the blood isn’t preached! Instead the focus is on man and their effort, when Christ has already fulfilled the law! I see christian brothers and sisters beating each other, as if God would be pleased! I see little time spent on unveiling Christ to the world or each other! Sharing about his love and his person so that individual can see his great sacrifice and recieve his healing love. Jesus shared he didn’t come to condemn but all I see is Christians condemning one another as if the Lord’s sacrifice wasn’t enough to save! I thank you for your kind words but wish the church family would remember Christ died for all to set up free from sin. He is the answer to a brother or sister that struggles with sin, not step by step instructions for self improvement provided by a man or woman. Christ offers life transformation not band aid solutions. If we truly want someone healed, Christ not our own advice is the answer.

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