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Peace! Be Still! I AM Speaking to You! — 3 Comments

  1. Such A Blessing. I Repeat. Such A Blessing to me, in my Now.
    Father, as you have spoken it, and have gone and meditated on your words, has given me such a calmsness with abosolute assurance this was for me, in my now situation, what I’m facing now, for you are Speaking to me Now!  A Rhema Word, directly from you for me.
    I feel so calm, than ever. I trust in you completely, and I’m so at Rest.
    I AM in control of everything, and that is exactly what you can believe Me for.  I will do everything for you that you will believe Me for.  I will affect it, change it, and bring you to the safety of My pavilion.  I will calm the storms without, as you stay calm and quiet and confident in ME.  I will give you a quiet peace now!

    This is what I testify Now, what you have just given to me, A Quiet Peace.
    hallelujah! Glory to God! Higer Praises as I worship you Over in Spirit and in Truth.  Awesome Rhema Word. I love you!
    Thank you a Million Times Over and beyond. Amen!

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