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None of My Words Will Be Delayed Any Longer — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Deborah

    The Lord Bless you for such an awesome word of encouragement.  Yes it is FINISHED and so looking forward to the victory which is already won and the answers are on its way. Waiting in patience for every and good and perfect GIFT is from above with NO SORROW.

  2. Thank you Father God, for your WORDS, Yes, Yes, I receive them for I know your WORDS are faithful and true. I have ask, and ask, have stood before you in truth, knowing what you have spoken to me, Shall not fail. Shall Come to pass, though it taries, I will wait for it. I will keep up the Good Fight od Faith. Yes, you have given me Strength, to endure, and It Is Assured. I Stand On Your Words, This Day, And Declare As You Have Spoken It To Be, None Of Your Words, Will Be Delayed Any Longer It Is Time Now. The Plowman, Overtaking The Reaper. 
    Thank you Father, I’m thankful you are well pleased with me. Glory to God, for your words. for your Rhema Word, for It is, and I receive it with thanksgiving and Praises lifted up to you this day.  Thank You It Is Finished. Thank you for bringing about justice to me.  I will not lose my confidence in you.

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