Pray for Washington DC


Pray for Washington DC

I must say this…. For it was said to me…

In the word about the Red Sea and how we stood on the shore looking at the water….

The LORD told me about how the Pharaoh did change his mind and harden his heart after the people of God had left and were in the desert standing before the Red Sea.  He said that to warn me.  He said… “They Pharaoh did move against them ….. Yet.”

So, I watch it all come down at the inauguration, I see “O” and “HC” smiling and acting happy [except at the end of Trump’s speech I saw the most solemn look on “O’s” face.]

Now who would’t have, had they been the ones that Trump ripped apart, saying most all that had been done was a bad mistake and must be undone?

Now, the time of departure has transpired and we stand in the desert……

I can’t help but wonder…  Are we going to see the army coming to destroy us now?

I expect that all the LORD says will be done, because the LORD does not speak idle words.

What God says is good and you can believe him.


There is one thing else that He said….

“What I do will depend upon the magnitude of the decision of the Pharaoh and his army.”  in other words, pray that they stop short of entering the Red Sea…. because if they are so hard to follow after God’s people who have been delivered and given another chance at freedom [a new beginning] ……. Then watch out…

For all you read about in the Red Sea account concerning the army of the Pharaoh was …  Death.

You must know, I have heard warnings for Washington, DC.  Some of the strongest words I have personally ever written was in Warning to DC.

Now… Pray with me for Washington, DC and for the Pharaoh.

Pray he does not peruse, but that he has somehow learned his lesson.  Else we will watch a terrible thing unfolding as the waters sweep them away!

Pray for mercy…  God’s mind can be changed…  Intercession now for the unbelievers…. They stand in harms way…..

I am serious in writing this.

Watching…. Praying…..


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey
The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.

Ken DeweyEvangelist/ Prophet/ Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder ofOUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES in Belen, New Mexico, USA.  He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words,  Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.
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Pray for Washington DC — 1 Comment

  1. America you can not have an each way bet , the house wins every time . You enjoy the fruits of the kingdom but squander praise on the things of men , grace has taken you to this day but no more you must step up to your calling and fulfil your predestined future . The father has been careful to direct your steps but you have strayed after other gods and have become the harlot , his hand will not be stayed forever . Turn to the father and prosper , return to me .