Prayer for Los Angeles and Southern California Areas

YOU are so much greater than all the wickedness around us or in us.  YOU are greater than our concepts of YOU.  YOU are GREATER than all the witchcraft, corruption and perversion we see daily !  We LOVE YOU AND PRAISE YOU, YESHUA !

I praise You that you are about to fulfill Your Word to make Los Angeles truly the city of angels !  I thank You that though we are steeped in idolatry to entertainment, witchcraft, false religions and drugs, violence and perversion, that YOU are about to break through with the power of Your MOST HOLY Ruach Elohim and that JESUS is coming to town.  We throw out wide the red carpet for YOU LORD !

YOU are the KING of ALL KINGS and the LORD OF ALL LORDS, and we ask YOU to come and dwell with us.  We are Your temple now Abba, and though we are unworthy in the eyes of America and the world, YOU will turn many to the brightness of YOUR GLORY and REAP a great harvest for the Southwest coast !

Father, we have many wells here that went dry, but I ask YOU to release the blockages from them ALL NOW !  I pray that YOU will make a spectacle of the enemy in what You do here in pouring out the NEW WINE.  I thank YOU that no matter what disasters come, no matter what judgments fall, that in YOUR MERCY YOU will uphold YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS.  I thank YOU for answering the many years of prayers and fastings by so many of your sons and daughters here.

I thank YOU, that Hollywood will bow it’s knee to YOU !  I thank You that YOU will shake us free of all idolatry to things other than YOU, because YOU have a remnant that love you and WORSHIP YOU !

FIRE on the altars of BAAL LORD.  FIRE on the altars to MINERVA.  FIRE on the altars to Baphomet/freemasonry/new age, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and all the cults here LORD –FIRE on the altars to Satan!  I THANK YOU that witches and warlocks will turn to YOU.  It is already happening.  I thank YOU for the release of FREEDOM to Mexican Americans here – that YOU will transform them into a mighty army for YOU !  I thank You for RELEASING Your FIRE on the CHINESE YOUTH, the KOREAN YOUTH, the VIETNAMESE YOUTH, the CAMBODIAN YOUTH, the JAPANESE YOUTH, and churches.

I thank YOU that you are about to EXPLODE inside us all with Your glory, and return the church here to a true foundation in YOU.  Thank YOU that YOU WILL bring down all the control, all the perversion, all the witchcraft and religion in and outside of the church !  Thank YOU that rebellion that we are known for will be turned to OBEDIENCE.  LORD, I thank You ahead even for the great cost.  I ask that YOU would in Your great judgment remember mercy for the sake of the many who have prayed and fasted, and cried out to you, and minimize the damage.  EXPLODE LORD inside of us, and bring us the NEW PENTECOST !  COME LORD JESUS.  WE ARE DESPERATELY HUNGRY to see YOU take over Your church.

I ask YOU NOW, to release YOUR SPIRIT on the campuses of universities and colleges, to RELEASE Your Spirit on the high school campuses, and in the grade schools.  I pray that the CHILDREN will be so visited, and the youth, and young adults will become LIVING FLAMES OF FIRE to reach out to the lost and broken and that FEAR, REBELLION, Apathy, Complacency and Somnolence, idolatry to entertainment will be ANNIHILATED in their lives.  RELEASE HEALING OIL, RELEASE MIRACLES. LET THE WATER OF HEAVEN RISE UP above our knees, above our heads.

WE WANT TO BE IMMERSED IN YOU ABBA !  BURN, BURN, BURN off our flesh and make us into the BRIDE YOU LONG FOR.  Bring down the pride of man, and forgive all the greed, avarice, theft & extortion, usury & murder.

RELEASE YOUR KINGDOM in the military bases here, annihilate Satanism and witchcraft in those places.  INVADE CAMP PENDLETON and the bases out in the desert areas.  INVADE SAN DIEGO COUNTY military bases, the naval base, the air force bases in southern California.  Explode inside the chaplains.  RELEASE YOUR KINGDOM.

INVADE THE GOVERNMENTS of the cities and INVADE THE COURT SYSTEM here.  BRING DOWN the strongholds of Satan in those arenas ABBA.  INVADE THE CRIMINAL COURTS, the FAMILY COURTS, etc.  Apprehend inmates in the jails, and let YOUR GLORY EXPLODE in the chaplains who go into the jails.  EXPLODE inside the Ministers who go out to the homeless, and LORD PROVIDE all that is needed for those whose hearts LOVE THE POOR.  Turn the wealth of the wicked over to the righteous as YOU shake this land.

Last but not least we have a large number of JEWISH TEMPLES in Southern California I ask that YOU INVADE EVERY ONE OF THEM WITH YOUR GLORY.

I pray YOUR MANIFEST LOVE to invade EVERY apostate cult, and religious temple, as well.  Every Sikh temple, Hindu temples, mosques, Jehovah’s Witness halls, Mormon Temples, unity cult churches, and Buddhist temples.

LORD we are host to thousands upon thousands of Buddhists here in southern California and we ASK YOU TO GIVE THEM REVELATION OF JESUS as they meditate.  THAT YOU WOULD INVADE THEIR THOUGHTS and minds and break the power of the dragon over southern California ABBA !

SHOW THE gods of stone, wood and clay to be but NOTHING compared to YOUR GREAT MIGHT in all YOU DO IN US.  RELEASE THE SPIRIT OF MIGHT AND THE FEAR OF THE LORD in great power to astound the skeptics and atheists. In the name and blood of Yeshua…  AMEN !


God bless you,
~  Priscilla

Priscilla Van Sutphin of Upstream Ministriesby: PRISCILLA VAN SUTPHIN of Upstream Ministries,  California Email: goinupstream   Donate to Upstream: via secure paypal by sending as gift to goininupstream Or send to Upstream, PMB 545, 14311 Newport Blvd, Suite G, Tustin, CA 9278


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