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Prayer, Intimacy, Revival & Harvest — 3 Comments

  1. So well spoken, dear sister Sherry, as always. Such succinct information and instructions, thank you so much for sharing. I love this part: “Prayer is foundational but often others have their house built the way they want it instead of the way God wants it. Love and peace, Sandi

  2. Whew! I enjoyed reading every word spoken here woman of God. Thank you! The oil is flowing…and we are growing in Jesus name – Hallelujah!

    • …as I read your post, it’s like sitting w/u and a coffee, listening and nodding in agreement. You meet us so practically where we are woman of God! Amen. Leveling up prayer life, with greater expectations of more intimacy, revival, and harvest, to the glory of God! Here we go Church!

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