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Prayer to Defeat the Spirit of Self-Sabotage — 6 Comments

  1. I have been struggling with the spirit of self-sabotage for a while now, I believe God’s word concerning me but I think a sin let the devil have access to torment me. I am often angry, have a sense of worthlessness, and fear the future and my abilities. I deliberately sabotage my studies and now I have to pay extra and spend extra time to finish my studies. it has greatly affected my prayer life, I also notice this trend with my husband and one of his sons. May God help me. I know is a daily battle and by His grace, I will overcome it.

  2. This was so powerfully stated. Thank you Laura for your insight and gift of prophecy. The Lord truly works in you. Everything you said fits me to a T. It is like you are seeing directly into my heart and soul. I have prayed this prayer and myself and my husband. I will continue this prayer until I can overnight my own self-sabotage. I have prayed about it for so long. And I am 65 and still under its control. Praise be to God that Hesees and knows me and I believe I will have Victory in Jesus’s name.

  3. Thank you Gods woman me and another friend are at the fork in the road your prophecy was right now thank you for allowing God to use to help us. Breaking free from the enemies tail spin of life I am free thanks be to God who loves us so,may God bless you love you July 25,2022 6:26 Monday pm

  4. Such a powerful truth and wonderfully presented. THank you Laura for your diligence and faithfulness and prayers. Many blessings, Sandi Holman

  5. WOW and WOW.  I’ve had conversations with my boyfriend and asked him “why do you self-sabotage”?  He’s sweet and loving, but turns on a dime against me.  I’ve had conversations with family members and said “he’s like a boyfriend in high-school who has to break up with you first before you break up with him.  It’s like arrested development”.  Well, his mother abandoned him and his sister when they were pre-teens.  He has cried to me about it a few times, he is almost 60.  It’s very sad.  Thank you for posting this and the prayer.  I have prayed it.  Thank you and God Bless!

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