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Signs in the Heavens & The Daughters of Jezebel — 8 Comments

  1. The whole build up to this Roe vs Wade case has been front and centre on purpose to appeal to the emotions of both sides in order to cause the flesh–or outer man of both sides to go to war against each other.The goal is to get rid of both sides by having them kill each other.
    This is a warning to all those NOMINAL CHRISTIANS who are so concerned about what is right and what is wrong but have no Inner-Life-Union with Jesus.
    There are still two trees in the Garden – our immediate environment. God exhorts us to choose Jesus – NOT RIGHT AND WRONG!

  2. We must pray that Godly families raise up to adopt the children born to mothers that for whatever reason feel they can’t keep them.  Also, pray against these children falling into the hands of human trafficking or worse.

  3. A couple of additional things that might interest you…
    Roe v Wade was overturned 49 years and 153 days later.
    49 and 153 are of course both very significant and I assume that you know the connections between 17 and 153.  The same day it was overturned Q Anon returned 1700 days after the first post.  6/24 was also the anniversary of freemasonry which was founded in 1717.

    While I am certainly pro life, I would like to point out something important that Christians don’t realize about Roe v Wade.  It restored to women the right we were given in the beginning…to CHOOSE LIFE or DEATH.  This is all a LEGAL and BINDING GOVERNMENTAL issue, in Truth and in Spirit.  Despite the heartbreaking and discouraging numbers of abortions each year, women have exponentially chosen life over death every single year.  It was essential for the right of choice to be extended to women for the fulfillment of the Age of Grace.  The serpent knew that it was up to the woman and that ultimately she had the right to choose life or death.  Knowing this adds even more intrigue to the fact that it has now been overturned…

    We would do well to remember that He IS working ALL THINGS to good and trust in His much higher ways, regardless of whether or not we call them good or evil.  To the pure all things are pure…

    • You wrote, “It restored to women the right we were given in the beginning…to CHOOSE LIFE or DEATH.”

      The God given option “Choose this day life or death”, was for each individual to choose for themselves or for a community/nation to choose corporately for themelves to follow the Lord’s commands and teachings.  It wasn’t the right to choose life or death for someone else!  That would be murder and as “You shall not commit murder” is one of the 10 commandments… I don’t understand your comment.

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