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Prayers to Overcome Intimidation — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for the prayer and advice. I pray these prayers and read the commentaries throughout the day on a daily basis, and they really help me and have helped improve my prayer life in general. So thanks again!

    Just wanted to say that I teach college English, and what you’re describing isn’t necessarily a problem with memorization. Sounds like you might be a visual learner. Visual learners typically write things down on index cards to commit them to memory and accomodate their learning in other ways as well. Just food for thought. Look it up if you want to find out more. Would be under “learning styles.”

    Incidentally, I’m a visual learner myself. GOD bless!

  2. Yes thank you God for you deliverance in my life stand in in need of my situation request that you help me over brighter days are ahead w your blessings Amen!

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