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Predators in a Concrete Jungle — 4 Comments

  1. Sandi this is deep and so needed. Sis, the Remnant will hear this message and stand in the midst of all the troubles in the land!

    New mindsets surely we need. Out of the box of legalism and churchy views that don’t honor God!

    I loved, “I AM The Leader of The Pack, Who is leading My People out of the darkness, into The Light, out of the dangerous environment filled with hazards, in which all the parties are out only for themselves,” says The King.”

    I love you sister and friend. Joyce

    • Forever grateful for your wise input, my sweet sister Joyce! Yes indeed we are being led out of the man made jungle by the King of Glory. It is worth it all for HIS glory. I love you, my friend, Sandi

  2. There are so many confirmations in these words I can’t even count them all.
    Through the long night last night I listened again to a dream Randy Kay was given by God. It’s very recent and on YouTube. Sooo Good!!!
    Those who’ve put their trust in wealth or in their own strength will meet their Maker very soon. I pray for them Sandi. This will truly be the Best of times and the worst of times….
    God bless beautiful lady, thank you, yet again, for the uplifting encouragement!! :)

    • Blessings Cherish to you as we watch the new Jungle book being written as the real King brings Justice in this Concrete Jungle of our cities and country. Thanks for your input of confirmation. Hugs to you, Sandi

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