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My Strength is Made Perfect in Weakness — 10 Comments

    • Yes to His will and yes to His way.

      The Lord always provides answers to every situation. When I am weak I will say I am strong.

      Coming out of darkness and seeing a great light is wonderful.

      Wong tell the story of “The Great Light, Jesus. “

  1. Oh, Mary,
    I think this word is especially for me today, as all these thoughts, cries to God for help in another situation of great great pain (since decades one after the other….)
    It is hard to go through one of those situations where you can do nothing alone as I just experienced and the Lord does not hear or answer your desperate prayers……….!
    My husband told me the same truth yesterday evening…
    But, – hard it is, when joy in life never seems to break through for a long time.
    Nevertheless, we thank him for all we have beside this…
    His people need to see HIM do again what He did when he ministered on Earth. We hope for fulfillment of the long awaited end-time Revival, starting with thorough repentance.

    • My dear sister Dorothea’ remember Job’s turnaround.

      His suffering is described in graphic details. He had to overcome himself in order to come into a complete knowledge of who God is’ was’ and Shall Be’.

      Truth always outways adversity.

      I pray your complete healing manifests so you will experience the joy of the Lord.

      I love you sister.

    • My Dearest Sherry,

      God hears you and your prayers, and you are not alone.

      I pray the mercies of God will unfold in your life in such a way that you shall know His mercies are purposefully yours.

      I love you dear sister.

      • Thank you Mary, I hear Him in your words. Thank you for blessing me my sister
        I love you, may the LORD’s abundance rain down on you and spring up within you! Halleluyah!

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