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Prophetic Word for 2014 by Josh Crofton — 4 Comments

  1. At the end of 2012 I had a dream I was given a ring and anointed oil addressed from Jesus Christ. You wrote that, “The Father is going to place the robe of identity and the ring of authority on many sons and daughters that have walked away and been hurt in the body of Christ.  He is restoring their identity, because they belong to Him.” I believe that I am one of His daughters that has walked away emotionally and physically after being hurt by the body of Christ. Many Leaders in the church seem to be more like politicians and whoremongers, having a form of godliness but denying the Power thereof. Blinded by power and control while the sheep is abused and rejected. I was wondering how this could all be? I look out at the Church and wonder how long was the enemy going to be allowed to disrespect God’s house. ‘Thank You God…Please start to clean your house in January 2014’.

  2. Praise God! The will of God be done in Jesus name. It’s gladdening to know that the set time for the humble to be lifted has come

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