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Prophetic Word for June 2016 — 13 Comments

  1. Glory, Glory, Honor, lifted to the King of Kings, Awesome Prohetc Words, Pastor Paul Williams, You are Awesome thanks for sharing

  2. I receive the word declared & agree that every satanic agenda against my family and me is cancelled and terminated in Jesus name. That this is a month of upliftment, this month we shall have doors opened for us in high places, my ears will hear the instructions from heaven and my heart will respond with humility and we will move into our destiny with accelerated speed because blessings which evaded us the past months will locate us in Jesus name I receive it.

  3. Amen I receive the word of prophesy in My life in Jesus name,it is done in my life thank you pastor Williams

  4. I receive and believe!

    Thank you for your the a word Pastor Williams. God has appointed you to be a trusted voice for me. Praise the Lord.

  5. Amen I receive my destiny….. My blessings! Lord bless me with obedience please. Open my ears to hear you. I love you Lord.

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