Prophetic Word for North Korea


Flag of North KoreaThe Lord would say this to North Korea:

God is about to do something in North Korea that will shock everybody.

North Korea, God is going to deal with the president of North Korea the way he dealt with Nebuchadnezzar.

The Lord will appear to him in the bed room.  He is the Lord’s servant.  He will come to know the Lord.

Many leaders are going to know the Lord like the president of North Korea.

The church is entering into a season called power demonstration.

This power will not only be demonstrated on the streets alone but also in state houses and palaces.

There is going to be a move of God in North Korea.

Radical change will take place in North Korea.

May God position his Daniels. to explain to the king.


Julius SuubiJulius Suubi of Highway of Holiness Ministries International




Prophetic Word for North Korea — 3 Comments

  1. This prophecy lines up in every way with a prophetic word I gave in February 2012.
    You are hearing from God brother. Indeed I know that God has already begun His new work in DPRK. A new season has begun there and Jesus has declared a season of forgiveness, of healing, of restoration to the land.
    I hear the words Peace and Reconciliation. Indeed Jesus will visit Kim Jung un, if thus we can be sure.

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