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  1. Prince Charles will become King Charles. I believe that there was a sign. Prince Charles attended a church service in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, in 2018. He met with local people. In contrast, there has been controversy with Prince Andrew. Prince Charles (righteous king) will assist Prince Andrew (unrighteous king) with a settlement out of court (estimated at 12 million British pounds). In a recent development, the Princess of Wales will become Queen Camilla.

    • Prince Charles, if he is to be King, is not based on virtue. He may be the next in line based on some other criteria. Maybe, the eldest son for example. Camilla was married and had an adulterous relationship with Charles while he was married to Princess Diana.  Although not being said, she may very well have her own children from her previous marriage with nothing being said. So now what?

      YHWH knows the end of ALL things at the beginning of all time.

      • I must mention that the Holy Bible instructs us to pray for those who are in authority over us. That’s why we must pray that Elohim, establish Truth in every heart on the earth.  For He is Truth.  His word is Truth. Law and order, His word is Law and Order.

        John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with YHWH and the Word was YHWH.  We must trust Him to put whomsoever in political office to accomplish His will.

        And the Holy Spirit hovered over the earth and when YHWH spoke He carried out what YHWH spoke.

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