Prophets for Profit


“I’m now going to deal with the prophets for profit who have presumed upon My anointing.

Many have assumed and gone the way of mammon, because they saw the popularity of those who have been in the limelight.

They have forgotten the way of the prophet, and the character required, when in that position.

I have blessed many, that they could have a forum for presenting what I’ve shown them.

But some have gone beyond trust, to orchestrating their own ways rather than the way I wanted to bring them.

Blessing will come to everyone who follows the narrow path where I lead, but those who have chosen the wide path will find themselves in difficulty until they repent now.

Do not participate in being the judge, only pray that those who have been deluded will repent.

There are those who are also bitter and have gone the way of mammon because of the lack of support for their message in the Church, when in actuality, their message was tainted with bitterness and defensive pride, so I have limited their finances to test them.

Will they continue to trust in Me when they are not experiencing the blessings they want and desire?  This has been the test.

So pray for conviction, for I AM raising up those who were obedient to be patient and wait on Me for what I would do in them.

I will bless those who have endured much physical and emotional affliction, and rejection.

I will raise up those who did not get bitter, and who have learned their lessons.

Again, do not be quick to judge.  Pray for those who fall, and have mercy on the weak, for you know that in your hearts you have been tempted to the same.

Without My GRACE, none of you would be able to resist anything sent your way.”


~ Priscilla

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