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  1. Can’t have a conversation with members of 501c3. Now I understand why; they are deaf blind and mute while under Ba’al system. A true church that is not 501c3 will post at the bottom of their websites . . .and they all have one, hoping for that almighty dollar. See the bottom of Mark Taylor website.

  2. I think when you give you give into God in good faith.  I don’t think judgment is on the giver but those who compromise the word of God to follow the dictates of the state bc they now own a piece of you.
    I believe the owness is on the church not the giver.  I could be wrong… please correct me if need be!

    • Hi my thoughts are ‘We’ are the church, and once we know this type of giving is wrong, (ALSO KNOWING it was devised by man and Not God, ITS NOT BIBLICAL), if we continue to give we are complicit. we should Repent ask Gods forgiveness and stop.

      In the UK we have gift aid, so if we tithe and pay tax the church can claim 25% from the government again this is man made system. We are not to let our right hand know what our left hand is giving. what we give or good deeds we do should be kept between man and God.

  3. Hi there. I would like for you to explain to me in what way is the 501c3 diabolical. I have some concerns because one of my members is affected very much and does not want to go to church because you have said that a church under 501c3 is under Baal. He said you are a prophet. Well, I doubt in your knowledge as a prophet because anyone who quotes a Scripture incorrectly must not be too knowledgeable in the Word. You said, “Taking a bite from that apple.” I believe you are referring to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil. The Bible never says ‘apple.’ That idea of the ‘apple’ being the fruit was taught in Latin through the Catholic church in the middle ages. A second issue with your prophecy is “For when I told Adam and Eve do not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil for you shall surely ”see”. God said that they were to die not see. In what ways is the 501c3 so diabolical? Please respond. You said that the 501c3 is about money. Almost everything is about money in life even the preaching of the gospel. Jesus spoke in parables and almost all of them have to do with money to spread or preach or what it take to continue the gospel. Are you a member of a church? Are you a pastor of a church? Tell me something about your ministry. Thank you for the opportunity to make a comment.

  4. Decode 501C3
    Number of the Beast (Government Ruled =501C3 = (5+1 = 6 C+3 = 6) = 66 The mark of the Beast in Churches…
    Rev. 13:18: Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is 666. (Probably, Nero, Roman Government ruling the Church and mark of the Beast).

  5. Cant find a church that’s not a 501c-3.  I’m simple ashamed I used our taxes at end of year for a refund. How could we be lead away.  Where can I go?  Who can I give our tithes too.  I called hundreds of places, all with the 501c-3.  Overwhelmed!!

  6. I have listened to you faithfully for the last 2 monthes. it’s like my prayers have been answered . I was baptized a Jehovah Witness 35 years ago but disassociated myself 25 years ago. Would my name still be associated with them? I have taken God back into my life and feel like I can finally breathe.

  7. God had the original fail safe entitalment plan in lev and deut.and the plan had a voice.not shot down through the govt plan…..pay your taxes and have a voice

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