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  1. Je tiens à vous remercier pour la littéreture que vous me faites parvenir régulièrement, car j’y puise le courage et l’encouragement dont j’ai tant besoin depuis des mois maintenant. Encore une fois merci beaucoup.

    HKP Admin. : Google Translate : “I want to thank you for the literature you send me regularly, for I have drawn from it the courage and encouragement I have so badly needed for months now. Again, thank you very much.”

  2. Thank you for posting the above. In addition, if I may, in the Hebrew Aleph Bet:
    11 =
    10 = Letter YOD = HAND
    1 = Letter ALEPH = Master, Lord, Father(Abba)

    11+11 = 22
    20 = KAF = Palm, the hollow of the hand(Christ was hidden In God)
    2 = BET = Son. The letter Bet is a also a preposition and Prefix in Hebrew grammar. It means “In”, such as Gen 1:1 “In The Beginning, God Created….” “In the Beginning” = “reshiyth” + Bet prefix = “Breshiyth”. This word speaks volumes. Cf Pr 8:22-36.

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