Ready to be Revealed, in the last Times


In the lives of many, the Holy Spirit of God is going to be more powerful and more full, than at any other time in their lives.  Why?  Because it is His will, and those who seek Him with their whole heart, will find Him.

Since we’ve never truly entered into the fullness of Christ, and we have not been perfected in Him, there is yet much to know and learn.  Persecution, most often brings strength in the Spirit.  It brings clarity, wisdom, direction; and true dependence on God.

We must never forget that there is a cleft in the Rock; a place we can run to, when all else is crashing down.  Getting lost in the Spirit, is to be found by the Spirit.

We absolutely must be alert in this final hour; even as we go about our daily routines, we must remain watchful, in all things.  Although we may not be shown all things, being watchful and full of the Spirit, will allow us to see many things, before they develop or arrive.  The Spirit, will also move us to pray for others, for situations that need divine intercession and for the protection and care of our loved ones.  We have been equipped for this time; we must use what has been given to us, to bring about His purpose.  Remaining humble, will be one of our greatest challenges today.

People need what you have.  As these days darken, and they will darken, as it has been written, those who have not appeared to, will seek direction from God.  They will look for those, who are in the Spirit; who can give them advice and direction, on how to pray.  This darkness, will not overcome those who are in God; the Light we have been told of for so long, will begin to shine even brighter.  That light, attracts people who are lost, and cannot find their way.  It will also attract evil ones and those who have no oil left in their vessels. Discerning in the Spirit, is absolutely paramount, in this time.

We must continue to encourage and uplift one another.  The Spirit is going to reveal things, to those who have been prepared for what He wants to do, for this time.  Some things, can only be shared with those who walk in the same realm others are in; we must share with those who understand and have sought the deeper things of the Spirit.

Casting pearls before the swine, will only result in people turning you off, or, being afraid of you.  We must speak, as the Spirit gives utterance; not on our own steam or serving up our own opinions.  The deeper things, must be shared with deep spirits.

I say again, with as much humility as I can muster, the things the Spirit wants to reveal to His people, in this hour, are much to precious, to be lost in vainglory or carelessness.  This world rocks with turmoil, and only the genuine Holy Ghost, can see what is needed and what is ahead.

We must now, more than ever before, lay aside all the weights that so easily beset us.  It will take all patience and endurance, to walk in the way that is right, and to help those who seek help.

God has equipped His people; the Holy Spirit of God, teaches well.  It must be about Him; our source of strength.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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