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Recovering Sight to the Blind — 4 Comments

  1. A beautiful word. I am so traumatized, this seems too good to be true. I have been disappointed so many times before. I pray this is the hour of breakthrough.

  2. I am one who has allowed the past to imprison me.  I know promises of God, but I find it hard to overcome.  I have seen myself in some of the prophetic words, about defeat, that I am only worthy to clean the floors of the new Jerusalem. I told that to God before. The fear that God may hate me. Which I know is false.
    And yet, one time I had an instant in time, when God showed me he knew me before I was born, that moment was beautiful. I do not go to church, but I try to read my Bible.
    To think that there may be many of us out there, What a latent force that must be. 
    So I claim my Jubilee. I send this, as it is something I do not do, as a yearning to break free.
    The Cross before me. The blood of Jesus , protect me.

  3. On Time wonderful words of Life and instruction from the Lord! As always much meat to chew on here, Sandi.

    Yes, Yes and double Yes to the Lord searching my heart this day and ever day.

    May we truly go from Glory to Glory more and more as we seek HIM, the King of Kings and Lord and Lord’s!

    HOLY is HIS NAME! I love you much prayer warrior, sis and friend. Joyce

    • Amen & Amen!!
      This Word has brought me to tears several times, and I will continue to feast upon it.
      Thank You Father!!
      Thank you beautiful lady!! God bless!!

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