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  1. Praise the LORD sister/Prophetess Mena lee Grebin i have read a lot of your articles and prophetic words of the LORD JESUS and im convinced you are the real deal a true Prophetess of GOD and stand in that office also i want to share with you a powerful prophetic word that PASTOR/Prophetess Traci Shellman received in 2005 this is what she said the LORD SPOKE TO HER in 2005 during an interview Traci said in 2005 she was a house wife had no interest in politics however she happen to see Barack Obama on television and immediately the LORD SPOKE TO HER AND SAID YOU see him he will run for president and win and will be in office when I return Traci said she knew that the LORD was talking about the rapture of the saints Traci said she told her husband and others about this and wrote it down Traci continued and said that several months later she saw senator Barack Obama on an info commercial about him appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show and that she wasnt gonna watch Oprah Winfrey however she decided to because of what the LORD had spoke to her Traci said Oprah asked Barack Obama point blank will you run for president and if you do i will campaign for you or something to that effect Obama said he would not run however if he does she would be the first to know traci said immediately the LORD SPOKE TO HER AND SAID he is lying and to remember what i have said that Barack Obama would run for president and win and will be in office when I return after hearing that interview i got more on fire for GOD THAN EVER BEFORE if you want to listen to that interview qoute last president prophecy google Traci shellman GOD BLESS EVANGELIST MMC

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