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Regarding the Spiritual Gifts Test/ Quiz — 4 Comments

  1. Amen! I was just listening to a sermon David wilkerson preached on many years ago. With weeping, He was speaking of this very thing. He talked about our need to grieve over the state of the church and all the strange teachings, prosperity gospel being one of them! Those of us who know the heart of God and are grieved over these lies being given, we are the ones so needed in these times! Thank God you were there to share the truth! Amen. God give us your burden that we may be used by you in these times. I always appreciate your voice in these times. So refreshing!

  2. Amen! God laid that on my heart a few days ago, that spiritual laziness and trying to substitute seeking God’s Face, in the Holy Spirit, by other fleshly means. Thank you, so much for sharing this post. There is nothing that can substitute seeking the Face of God with our whole heart, soul and strength, our entire being, this is how we communicate with the Lord, as he builds the relationship. God bless you!♥️

  3. Judgment is at the door yet these “leaders” continue in the flesh;for they are Ichabod and have been for years! They have muddied the waters with their feet..oh oh oh I WEEP. I have waited 50 years to see His Glory in the tabernacle/sanctuary.  NOW IT COMES …WITH GREAT JUDGMENT OF CLEANSING. The remnant, who have died to self, will judge these with the judgment of the Lord..may some be pulled as a brand out of the fire

  4. This message shall fill up the heavens and the earth our God ALMIGHTY shall be enough in the faith of the last day’s we are preparing to enter..God is more than enough

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