Rejecting Negative Words

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Every time negative words are being released against you either in form of accusations, slander, gossip or curses, your spirit will pick it up, especially if you are very sensitive spiritually.

Then your body will automatically react.  You may feel sudden weariness, a dragging feeling, or out of strength.

Some people may even feel suddenly grieved or sorrowful.  The opposite happens when people are praying for you or speaking positive about you,  you feel rejuvenated,strong and enthusiastic.

Your spirit is conditioned to pick up what is happening in your spiritual atmosphere so that if it is negative, you can begin to pray it out immediate to avert every possible attack.

Witchcraft attacks usually come about as a result of negative or evil words spoken, especially manipulative words which means we can actually shield ourselves from such attacks by responding through prayer whenever we pick up the signals in the spirit.

Pleading the Blood of Jesus at that point is a sure weapon to silence the mouth of the enemy.

* * * 2 * * *

They LIED ON YOU and you suffered the effects of it, but now that same LIE is attracting favour for you from the same people who were fed on the lie.

The recipients of the lie brought you close to try and verify the lie, but they can’t, because it was a lie, so they just have to favor you now, just so they don’t end up looking foolish and judgmental.

They knew they had judged you wrongly, so they are making up by extending inexplicable favor.  The lie could not stick on you, because of the protective cover on you!

When God is on your side – the enemy keeps suffering heart attacks.

* * * 3 * * *

The deeper the sting of rejection, the greater the outpouring of favour.

When the extraordinary favor starts flowing into your life, they may question it, but they will never understand that you stood the test of rejection and passed it.

Yes, at one point, it was just you and God, but that was not a permanent state.  After the rejection, comes favor.

* * * 4 * * *

They are trying to get you fired, replaced, divorced, out of your marriage, out of business, out of that ministry, out of the position, out of that location, out of that land, but they just don’t realise that the righteous cannot be uprooted (Proverbs 12:3).

Please stay calm and tell them God says, “I cannot be uprooted.”

* * * 5 * * *

You are in that place where they think they can all walk on your head.

They have put up a serious contest and it has almost become a dirty fight, because they believe that they qualify for the position more than you do but they will be shocked when God puts you right there, in that office, in that committee, in that marriage, gives you that contract.

When it is yours, it is yours, they can delay it but can’t stop it as long as you stay determined and aligned to the King of kings.

* * * 6 * * *

Our old mindset is intimidated by the new perception we have.

There maybe a bit of a struggle between our mind and the new perspective, but by grace, we adjust.

When you feel this, keep focused on the new perspective until the old mindset finds no space to breathe.

Feeding the old mindset with the old way of thinking when going through a shift in perspective only creates a disturbance in your system.

* * * 7 * * *

That very big thing GOD is doing for you will cause them to identify with your God.

They will literally be saying, “The God of  (_.insert your name_) is a real powerful God….!”

They are about to see your God and Call Him by your name.

God of Francis, God of Joan, God of Susan, God of Samuel, God of Hadassa, God of ……… is a LIVING GOD WHO NEVER FORSAKES, NEVER SLUMBERS AND NEVER JOKES AROUND….

I heard the Spirit of God say that God will reveal Himself by His name, as I AM to people around you, especially the ones who have allowed themselves to be used against you…

Watch God!


Esther Hadassah
Revivalist & Apostolic servant of Jesus Christ

Eather HadassahEsther Hadassah is an apostolic minister and an end-time revival preacher.  She has been serving in full time prophetic ministry for the past three years.  The LORD has called her to preach the message of the holiness and repentance and to set the captives free.

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