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  1. What a beautiful picture of how God wants His family to be here in our churches and small groups and it all started from one act of obedience when your wife Barbara ‘felt’ to start a small meeting at your house, Ron. That was the beginning of God painting the picture of the older teaching the younger and the three generations coming together AS ONE. I believe that is the heart of God NOW in this hour! To allow the older to share wisdom and the middle to catch the vision and the younger to bring new life and innocence to the family of God. Thanks so much for sharing God’s heart today! God bless you, Sandi Holman

  2. Gal 4:23-26 the church mixtures are confusing people. In your writings “Spirit God” is almost always used, to help us grasp the consciousness of His presence in us. Amen. So that we’re not trying to “do this and that” to please God, but we have faith in the finished work of Christ. Knowing, He loves us and to grow in reciprocating His love in obedience to His Word. God is not mad at us. He just wants us to grow up. Our sins have been imputed on Jesus Christ, One sacrifice – “It is Finished”! Now this I say; Gal.5:16-17

    • Matt.10:34-39 religion will see this text outside of the grace of God. But what is meant here is a radical abandonment of love and faith in God. This kind of commitment to God will always produce enemies of the faith – sometimes in our own house but even in the household of faith 2Cor. 6:15. We grow daily into the harmony of God’s Spirit or “Spirit God” in us, to rejuvenate a family, a household of faith, and YES! a nation. Only believe!

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