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Release & Shift: The Power of Speaking THE WORD — 1 Comment

  1. Dear sister Jill, this is truly from the LORD. While I was still in bed this early morning, I heard a song in my mind or on my heart, and I placed it 40 minutes ago to my google page. Then I took some time for reading here at HKP, after some hard and busy days, Something so very strange happened at work, and GOD showed after the shocking event His mighty hand reaching down from heaven, out of a cloud, and He showed exact the situation that happened before. Also 2 big eyes in the clouds where watching over me, signalizing that I should watch the picture He was clearly unfolding before my eyes.
    Your final sentence: PRAISE TO THE ONE WHO REACHES OUT TO US is the main part of the song He gave me today when I was awakening and also still on bed. Confirmation, dear sister :-)
    To all I want to confess: God is the ALMIGHTY God who really has His eyes open over us, every step He watches, He guides, He is in absolute knowledge and control what we do, what we think and where we go.
    Just now it starts to rain. ALL THIS GLORY IS FROM GOD.

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