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  1. Why would *musical notes come from the Lion of Judah’s mouth? It might be because Song of Songs, chap. 4, was given to Australia.

    Vision Received June 17, 2010 by Chris Harvey during meeting in Perth Concerning Australian Revival
    December 8, 2012 by admin
    Vision Received 2010 June 17th by Chris Harveyn Received 2010 June 17th by Chris Harvey
    Joshua Mills Meeting Perth Concerning Australian Revival

    As Joshua Mills played the piano and worshiped I had a glimpse into the realm of the spirit. I saw Australia covered with dead trees and dead fruit all over the ground. Then a mighty whirlwind came cross the country picking up all the dead fruit and taking it away.

    Then I was at Ayers Rock in the centre of the Nation of Australia, there was a mighty lion standing on top of Uluru, which is the indigenous name for Ayers Rock. He was roaring and out of his mouth were coming *musical notes to the heavens. On each side of him were two great angels waving flags. One said repentance through love and the other said grace. Then I saw another mighty angel come down from the heavens and strike the rock with a mighty rod. It split in the middle and two rivers began to flow from out of the rock. One was like golden oil and the other was pure crystal clean water. They filled the nation of Australia and then I saw green grass springing up everywhere really fast. Then the dead trees all came to life and were filled with so much fruit that all the people of the nation could not eat it all so then people came from all over the world and we shared the fruit with them, and everyone became strong and fat from the fruit.

    I believe this that vision speaks for itself that Australia is in for a big time visitation.

    This vision was received at the end of the Australian Tour that was birthed out of the word from Bob Jones concerning the last day awakening.

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