Pastor Brian Hay of Omega Times has created the 381 page Electronic Book entitled Sons of Light – Children of Darknesswhich is updated to 2015 and is available here as a free download.

All support files which Pastor Brian used are also available here as free downloads.

Please note that some of the large files may take a few seconds to download on a slow connection.

Sons of Light – Children of Darkness PDF EBook 59.20Mb
Supporting Documentation:
FBI releases doc on Hitlers escape Almost 70 Years Late DOCX 165Kb
Malachi Martin DOC 172Kb
Medieval Sourcebook Kazaria DOC 42Kb
NAZI Paperclip Documents DOC 201Kb
Operation Paperclip case file Date DOC 56Kb
Population Control The Limits to Growth DOC 66Kb
Role of Israel and Soros Exposed by MH370 Twin Jet in Tel Av DOC 66Kb
Rothschild Inherits a Semiconductor Patent For Freescale Semis DOC 17Kb
Stan & Holly Deyo going to ground DOCX 16Kb
The Black Nobility DOC 159Kb
Lucifer master of One World Order PDF 2.30Mb
Malachi Martin masters of seduction PDF 126Kb
NBIC pre-publication PDF 5.40Mb
Owning the Weather in 2025 PDF 501Kb
Rebuilding America’s Defenses PDF 580Kb
Space Craft TR-3B PDF 302Kb
The Kissinger Report 1974 PDF 462Kb
The Fallen Angels and the Heroes of Myth PDF 5.10Mb
The Truth About the Talmud PDF 131Kb
The Secret History of Pythagoras PDF 8.0Mb
The Secret Societies of all Ages and Countries, Vol II, Charles William Heckethorn PDF 16.0Mb
Towards 21st American Century PDF 125Kb
Tropospheric Aerosol Program PDF 1.70Mb
US Army – Internment Resettlement PDF 3.60Mb
Vladimir Putin – Life & Faith PDF 198Kb
28 Days And Counting… Mysterious Website Has DOD And Russian Connections! Science and Technology YouTube
Airlines CEO Says Flight 370 Controls Taken Over and Maintained Until The End! YouTube
ALERT! Smart Dust is Everywhere – Monitors Everything! YouTube
ANGEL SUPERHUMAN Teleportation caught on CCTV in China YouTube
The real reason why the Malaysian Airline MH 370 disappeared YouTube
Banks to Confiscate Your Money in 2015 You Tube
Blood Red Rain The Unexplained Files YouTube
Georgia Guide Stones – 2014 Cube Deciphered YouTube
Leaked Pentagon Video – Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior YouTube
HM-17 The Untold Real Story YouTube
Mia Marie Pope Ousts Obama YouTube
Pope Francis Declares Himself the Antichrist and Lucifer the Father YouTube
The Truthseeker ‘Casualty catastrophe’ – Cell phones & child brains YouTube
Video: How to accept Christ as Saviour and Lord YouTube


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