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Rest in My Unimpeachable Promises — 6 Comments

  1. Holy spirit speak to me about the word given to me in 2014. Was that really you? I don’t want to tarry on something unless i know it was from you. Please speak to me holy spirit if u want me to have clarity.

  2. I have receive this without mumbling I have tested on every side and I truly believe that God is up to something I have four kids homeless at the same time of my homelessness my son goes into the hospital for someone placing something in some drugs he smoked with his friends my license was revoked car head gasket blew all at one time but nobody but Got has brought me through and right now at this moment his hands is on me as I was walking a long ways to get home me and my five year I said I shall recover all

  3. I have put my complete trust in you Lord. You have set the stage for the miraculous. Keep me in your path doing your will only saying your words.  you are faithful and true. You are a God of Justice. I praise you for keeping me through these times… Help me to walk in your purpose for this

  4. Nothing looks like this in the natural but my full trust is in you Lord. 

    you have set the stage to show them the miraculous…
    keep me on a straight path listening only to your voice doing only as you will.

    You have given me your word. You are faithful

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