“I have not left you out in the cold as many others have.  I have kept you in the palm of My hand and for MY purposes vs the purposes of other men and women.

Many of you have gotten the “cold shoulder” from those in the church, but you did not realize at the time, that it is because I wanted to be your teacher, your mentor, your rabbi, your focus more than the church itself or it’s leaders.  Not because of the reasons you may have thought, but because I AM JEALOUS for you, to learn from Me.

I want a pure stream flowing from you, and not tainted by men’s opinions and the contaminations of the world that are in some churches.

I have My OWN DESIGN for how the church should be, and in that, I AM PRE-EMINENT.  It was I Who died for you, and it was I who came in the form of man to show you the Way.

The church MUST be brought back to it’s foundations.  So I have spent much time disciplining many of you in what is right in the apostolic doctrines, so that I can push the RESET button on the church in the form of a RESURGENCE, a Renewal that will bring change in this hour.  Like one prophet said to you, it is not just a make-over, it will be a TAKE OVER!

I will make YOU My Holy Habitation in a way that the church has not experienced in fullness for many many centuries, and in some ways she has never experienced!

It will come in many SUDDENLIES, all over the earth!  Suddenly, opportunities, and suddenly manifestations of My presence that will change the atmosphere around you.  Those that are FOR ME, and elect will be drawn to you.  But those who are not, will reject you utterly, and persecute you.

You will be hated by many just as you have before only in a more virulent manner, because of the level of My presence that will be in you is increased, and makes evil manifest.  Pride in men and women, will treat you with utter contempt.  It will not at all seem rational, or logical, it will be shocking contempt.  In some cases, they will get delivered and cough up demons, if you are meant to be a deliverer, you will see this manifest more and more.  And some of those who do get deliverance, will come to ME. But not all will be grateful.

Come aside with Me, and just rest in ME, and listen for the still small voice, that I can give you daily directions.  Many of you have fought for years against the darkness that has been increasing while others were content with just going to church.  My warriors that have paid a price will receive a greater portion for all they have endured.  Think it not strange beloveds, that men will hate you.  Many will be jealous for what I give to you and pour out through you, though they were not willing to face the pain of the past or the present.

Many have not been willing to bow to MY ways.  They’ve been sold a gospel of prosperity, and only good things happening around them.  But I’m not your sugar-daddy.

I AM the almighty one of Israel.  I AM jealous for you.  I AM Adonai, Lord and Master.  You were bought and paid for with the precious blood of My Son.  He is the role model of all role models.  Yet men still rationalize their worldliness, as if I am too weak to provide all that is needed to heal the sick, to cast out demons, to raise the dead, to save the souls of the unbelieving.  They try to think of clever ways to attract souls.

But I gave you the way, in the life lived by My Son to show you what is important in life.  He modeled LOVE for you.  Now you need to reach out with that love for others.  You cannot do it, if you are not filled up with ME before you do.  So come away and fill up!!  Worship ME in the beauty of holiness, and put away distractions.  I will help you cast aside the compulsions and distractions that pull on you. Just come.”

Definition:-  an increase or revival after a period of little activity, popularity, or occurrence. “a resurgence of interest in religion”
Synonyms:-  renewal, revival, recovery, comeback, reawakening, resurrection, reappearance, reemergence, regeneration.


~ Priscilla

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