Resurrection Life will pour out of you!


Holy Spirit said…

“This is for those who have been prepared by the Lord for this end times battle:

In a MOMENT, with a touch, or word, people will start coughing out demons and suddenly will change.  RESURRECTION LIFE will pour out of you like a river, and they will KNOW that you carry MY PRESENCE.  THEY WILL KNOW!  And they will want to give, give, give, for many will be SO thankful.  But like the lepers, many will not because they are bound with self-love.  Throw off all the sadness of this, because it will be sad. Don’t let it touch your heart. Give all to ME!

When you doubt yourself, it limits the anointing so THROW off the lies, throw off the doubt of your worth to ME and to others.  I’ve given you MY LIFE. It is I WHO is FOR YOU and I am not against you.  I AM LIFE.  I AM TRUTH.  I AM PEACE.  I AM LOVE,  I AM JOY.

And I come now to impart it all to you as you REST in ME and TRUTH will be your shield and buckler.  TRUTH of MY LOVE for you will astound the mighty.  So don’t back down.  You are integral to my plan, as all true Christians are.  Each one has plan and purpose for their lives.  ALL are valuable to ME !

I AM removing hindering forces and all those that have hindered since you were born.  All the abandonment, and doubt, and unbelief, in MY love for you will fade dramatically as MY tenderness and FAVOR is turned upon you ! AM AT HAND!


~ Priscilla

Priscilla Van Sutphin of Upstream Ministriesby: PRISCILLA VAN SUTPHIN of Upstream Ministries, California &
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