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  1. The truth is that God set everything in motion and chose for his children to suffer so he could be glorified. God chose for many to fall away in order to save a few. Whether you agree or disagree it’s still an absolute truth rather than a relative truth. God has his own agenda and he decides who lives and who dies, not you or I or anyone but God alone.

    • Referring to Harbinger’s comment:
      That is not True and is definitely not an absolute truth.
      We are created in God’s image and that includes 2 very important factors
      1)God is a creative God and humans have the ability and power to create
      2)FREE WILL… Everything you see now is a result of people’s decisions(good or evil), which is exercising free will.

      Why would God say in the Bible to choose which path to follow if we are a victim of some predetermined “fate”

      What was written above is a human interpretation/theory that doesn’t line up with the Bible and is a lie (I believe from Satan) to keep us from realizing the power and Authority we have through Jesus.

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