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Rise Up Men of God! — 1 Comment

  1. Praise God! Amen! God bless you, sister Elaine Tavolacci!
    I believe and appreciate the message shared via post, from the Lord God, to his men, to his people! Yes, I believe God has chosen me and that I used to be a hard runner, but the Lord allowed me to go through a dry desert, depths of the valley experience, teaching me quite a few things.

    Sometimes we as men and women, called by God to a divine duty, don’t always recognize it, in the midst of running, we may say yes, but a yes goes far beyond mere words, a yes is a chosen one to be opened up to trials, tribulations, a type of fiery furnace, which the Lord may allow to purify, purge, clean up, God sanctifying, Anointing that servant through full preparation of his call, purpose and plan for their life.

    God bless you! Thank you,for being obedient to the Lord God, with sharing! Peace and blessings!️❤️

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