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Rivers of Living Water — 2 Comments

  1. John 7:38 Jesus declares this on the greatest day of the Feast of Tabernacles – the last day. It is when the Jewish people celebrate with the water libation ceremony. The swish around large willows mimicking the sound of a rushing wind saying, “save now!” I think this will truly happen on this observance of Tabernacles.

  2. Amen, pastor Chris. You are also waiting for the revival, right? I am also waiting for God’s leading revival. In fact, I had no idea about the revival at first. God instilled it into my mind through a vision in 2014. In my trance vision, I stood in front of a high mountain. I could see lots of streams of living water flowing from the top. Some are big streams and others are narrow ones, converging into a broad river. Soon, the river converged into a broader river flowing down out of the North. Finally,the two rivers were flowing into the ocean like the Pacific ocean. I can feel all healthy churches have their own unique stream whether it is big or not. God is always sincere and His plan for the last day will be completed in His time. Hallelujah!!!

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