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“Seek Me While I May Be Found!” Says The LORD — 10 Comments

  1. I was thinking about what you said, and what popped in my mind for Maga(make America great again)was make America Godly again. Prayer changes everything. It is not too late, yet! Keep praying and have faith that our prayers will be answered. God’s will be done.

  2. Hi Nancy I got that word about T in 2016. I also got word when B O was elected. (Heard in my spirit after that word ” the ac”. Thought how can that be but now many are hearing that..wow). About Barack Obama (means falling like lightning in Hebrew..
    .reseach it) all I can remember of that word is that ” he would take away your civil liberties, which he did. But nothing on ” sleepy Joe”.

    I am old and sick now (live in South Africa) but yes I haven’t read or heard one word about Biden and the terrible “cancel culture” and “woke”. That Butcher that was exchanged for Brittany Riner said on Russian TV ” they are destroying their culture” Maybe the Lord is silent now because He is allowing all these abominations as part of judgment sis. He is saying America has become mystery Babylon

    Vicky Goforth Parnel on mylovelyjesus and others have seen missiles, Russ and Chinese invading and Mandi seekheavenlythings.. she got April showers, May flowers then war..

    • Unfortunately many don’t know the true identity of Trump. It’s not Obama as some have thought. Wait and see because the next few years will throw many into a panic; even those who supposedly have keen discernment. It causes me many times to wonder why many believers don’t see this. The problem oftentimes is that many look to things on the internet rather than sitting and just simply having ears to hear what the Spirit is truly saying. But when the great Mississippi River overflows its banks because of the great rift that erupts, and our land is invaded; perhaps then some will see and know. I have never said that Biden or other political leaders, are not corrupt, but rather, I am simply speaking as the Lord has had me speak particularly about this one. Enough said. Whatever I say, I say only because of what God has shown me now repeatedly for the past many years.

  3. Lit4ever Blog

    Wednesday, March 16, 2016

    Discern, discern, discern My people. all that glitters is not gold…. This man will be idolized as the saviour of America…..very penitent for having gone their own way and following false teachers in My house,…..
    Oh stubborn backsliding children, can you not discern it is but a smoke screen, he was bought by the evil one and his human forces many decades ago. He is a master of manipulation and ruse…America WILL NOT RISE UNDER THIS MAN BUT HER FALL WILL BE GREATER. It has been planned and set up this way by the evil one. It is all an illusion ..

    Why oh why do you listen to those who would tickle your ears with smooth talk and the redemption of America through one of satan’s servants. He is the father of lies and so is his son. This one who claims he can turn back the damage done and restore.
    There are many twists and turns in this election and even My people are confused. Come sit with Me awhile and enquire of Me of what hour this is in My prophetic clock and you will be amazed at the true identity of the one that is now most favored.


    Full Definition of ruse: a wily subterfuge
    Synonym Discussion of ruse: trick, ruse, stratagem, maneuver, artifice, wile, feint

    • Dee I have had many words about this man over the last several years, and have set forth his true identity.Yes truly many among the faith have been deceived and have continued to fall into deception. And yet few are really listening, or they choose not to. Much will happen in the next few years, and men’s hearts will fail them because of the events that will be occuring. Truly he is the golden calf that many would falsely worship.

  4. Stephen that was a hard word to give seeing how many others called him His trumpet etc. Besides this word I got, I saw a predictive Simpsons clip in which he was coming down esculator (exactly as he did do) and there were characters holding placards saying “PAID” Another non American prophet said he got a vision of Americans divided;blue fighting red and vice versa. He had no idea what those colours meant. Devide and conquer.

    No space.Sending new comment with word

  5. I’m not going to get into a political debate, believe me. The Lord here is of course, speaking of what is to come.

    • I am blocked when trying to post. First, many are not being blind by man. Why is it that ministers, prophetic voices are not currently speaking about the sin taking place now? Or think Trump is our Savior? No, what is most disturbing is the silence of those that should be renouncing what is taking place now! My eyes are on God! Trump can’t save America, but Biden is most wicked and I see your stance on this? Jesus is our only Savior❤️

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