Serious Terror Alert to the Nation of Nigeria


Nigerian FlagThe LORD has spoken to alert Nigeria.

In the dreams of the LORD and the dreams of the Prophet, on the night of June 25, 2016, He the LORD, took me to Nigeria.

And while in Nigeria I saw, even right now I see, there was a barren land I saw.  There was a dense forest to the east and I saw also at the extreme end, people staying there in a certain center.

Then, while there, I saw Muslims who had come from prayers.  I saw them coming out.

But then another group invaded and started shooting.

Well, I was surprised, because as soon as the LORD lifted me to Nigeria, then they started shooting.  It can only mean this attack is sudden and takes everyone by surprise.

Yet the LORD indeed is warning.  Let prayers avert this reprisal.

Nigeria is a praying nation.  Those who worship God in truth in Nigeria are many.  They can pray and the LORD can hear them and heal their land to prevent the disgrace and defeat witnessed as for the Chibok school children.

In that dream, the LORD also showed me a woman and the militants were hacking her with machetes. so this was very, very tormenting. I heard her crying in pain, until I could hear her no more, until the only thing I could hear were the thrusting sound of machetes, hacking her into pieces.

I found myself running in that place.  They were shooting at me as they shot at others too.

I saw some people hiding up in a tree.  They have climbed the tree, but of course there was essentially nowhere to hide or run.

This was very intense for me.  I thought I would die just like others.  So it was very horrible, because they were also scorching the terrain.

So in this period of Islamic prayers of Ramadhan, the saints of Nigeria must pray to undo the peak of Muslim celebrations with the Blood of Christ.

I do not know what the security people in Nigeria are able to do to neutralize this attack.

Focus and pray for the Northern states of Nigeria specifically.  Maybe Yobe, Kano, Borno and Kaduna or the North Eastern states.

I am just mentioning, but you people of Nigeria, you know your country better and the places where the enemy has attacked before.  Maybe Maiguduri, or so forth.

May the LORD bless this Nation.


~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Prophet Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo of Heart Revival Network International, Kenya is a Prophetic End-Time Minister of the Gospel, preaching in Crusades and open air Revival meetings. The LORD continues to show him the apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride, fit for the Wedding of the Lamb, as in Revelation 19:7-8.

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