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  1. Wonderful my sister and friend Gabrielle. This is my hearts cry also, “LORD, show me how to love —
    How to love like Your Beloved Son… ”
    Sweet blessings to you, Joyce

    • Dear Joyce,
      I wanted to return a comment to your reply earlier but the Holy Spirit held me back until later today when I completed another psalm and gave me more revelation into love. 

      In this world there is a saying that “money makes the world go around”, but what it should really be is Love. For the currency of Heaven is Love; this is why the greatest commandment is Love.

      My dear friend and mentor said today in reflection of that psalm I wrote today and shared with her: “Indeed, I think it’s our joyous assessment- to bring as much of the “currency” of God’s love and light into this fallen and impoverished world as possible, but, like Jesus did, with a listening ear and watchful eye for The Father’s direction.”

      And in connection to the psalm I wrote today, about everything we do in this world without God, is meaningless and we chase after the wind.  We must do everything with God in love. He has been teaching me this for awhile now. Ever so thankful of His Love guiding us all and teaching us all what is really important.
      Much love to you my dear sister! ❤️

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