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  1. Hi Chris, why do none of your Facebook posts allow comments.  I’m still not seeing any posts except for the one that is pinned. And the other new account only has old posts from 2020 and 21 and 22.

  2. Hello Chris,

    Thank you for the diligent transmission of all the encouraging and strategic prophetic words from the heart of the Lord to his remnant church.

    I recently experienced a Holy Spirit unction/strategic download that aligns with your many references to the breakout of revival from Wales – directionally I sensed that the Lord has a high priority geographical target area He wants to “invade” as the moment builds and shifts out of Wales – there was a strong leaning of “spiritual invasion and occupation” of the the West Country particularly in cities and towns (e.g. Bath, Salisbury, Stone Henge, etc.) that for centuries have acted strongholds and spiritual portals for the enemies of God… I very hope that this carries meaning and/or has any relevance within the current context…

    I have no direct connection to this area of the U.K. and therefore have no reason to contemplate its significance to the Lord. As always, please weigh and test this message…

    God Bless…!

  3. Yes, yes it is.  My Baptist church is doing summer vacation Bible school.  I have already heard two small children testify of supernatural visitations.  I am not sure who all in my congregation is ready to receive such testimonies, but I am and I rejoice!  My prayers are being answered!

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