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Sounds of Thunder — Confirmation — 13 Comments

  1. Amen, for the waves of repentance, from inherent white privilege, and a spiritual sensitivity “breaking our hearts, Lord, for what breaks yours”.

  2. More massive thunder storms to hit DC (capital) tonight. But we desperately need MASSIVE thunder storms to hit Saturday, June 5th.
    ALL DAY. To eliminate the mass protests and possible over run of the white house (hearing this on SM and other sites).
    Check out Twitter account @RyanMaue (He posted the weather page there.)

  3. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers.. Let us humble ourselves and seek your face and then and only then will be hear from heaven and you will be able to heal our lands..

  4. Father we join in the prayer of Jesus, as You are so let us be one!  Joined together in the bond of the Spirit all for the love of the Son!  We will break divided walls and we will be one!  This is a song and should be our theme song these days!  Google it and read all the words!  Praise God almighty!  Thank you Veronica!

  5. Praise God almighty!  We will break divided walls in the name of the Son!  Father we join in the prayer of Jesus, as you are so let us be one…joined together in the bond of the spirit all for the love of the Son!  This is a song.  Look it up and read all of the words.

  6. 2 possibly 3 nights ago about 3:45 a.m suddenly there were 2 unnaturally loud claps of thunder over Calgary AB and some short but heavy driving rain. I pray it was of the thunder of your prophesy. This was not in the weather forecast.

  7. Hallelujah!!!! Hallelujah!!!! Hallelujah!!!!
    I’m praying and agreeing from Minneapolis, MN USA!!!!!

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