Spiritual Warfare Prayers


An overview of a Spiritual Warfare Prayers with some examples.

I open with a prayer that shows the format of a spiritual warfare prayer (of which the prayer for deliverance is one).

It is a prayer of command using our delegated authority over Satan which you have in the King James Bible but not in modern ones that implies it is n addition of man.

If you believe modern Bibles are correct in their omission of the delegation in Mark 16:17-18 then you have no basis from which to conduct spiritual warfare or to do deliverance.

“And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils,”   Mark 16:17.  

This is the only place we have been delegated authority over Satan.

Now for the prayer showing the format of a spiritual warfare prayer of command.

First part – the giving of something to Jesus to be Lord of.

Give to Jesus:

An area of weakness in your life.

An area of sin in your life.

Something you want to protect.

Something you are doing.

Something you want to do.

Circumstances in your life.

A relationship you are involved in or intend to pursue.

Anything The Holy Spirit tells you to give to Jesus to be Lord of.

Second part – to check if there is a hindrance that will stop the command being heard by Jesus.

You need to check if there is:

Any unforgiveness, or

A desire not to reconcile to another, or

A sin you do not want to give up.

These all stop deliverance and need to be dealt with.

You may need to ask Jesus to help you deal with these things so give any problems you have in this area for Jesus to be Lord of.

Middle part – may change according to what is being commanded against.

In Jesus’ name I command every demon in the areas I have given to Jesus to immediately go to Him and to take all they did to me with them.

In Jesus Name I forbid any demon at any time from replacing them or replacing what they have been doing.

In Jesus’ Name I command anything they have done to be undone

In Jesus Name I forbid any demons from hindering anything I have just given to Jesus.

Removing the damage Satan has done in the areas given to Jesus to be Lord of.

In Jesus Name I command healing of all that demons have done to me and any of the above areas or people in these areas and command restoration of all they took from these areas in accordant with the Will of Jesus.

Stopping demons re-entering your house (soul).

I ask you Holy Spirit to replace every demon that has left and to let the presence of God fill me, especially these areas I have given to Jesus to be King of.

Thank you Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Examples of the first parts of the command.

Prayer against the enemy’s plans.

In Jesus Name I forbid Satan from hiding any plans or things he is doing or has done against me or my family. I command them to be immediately exposed the moment they are drawn up.

In Jesus’ Name I command all the demons behind any of these plans to immediately go to the Lord Jesus the moment any plan is conceived or acted upon.

In Jesus’ Name I forbid any plans of Satan that he has against me from being enforced.

Pray for protection of family.

In Jesus’ Name I forbid any spirit of darkness tempting or attacking my family, spouse, children, their spouse and my grandchildren either directly or indirectly through another.

In Jesus Name I forbid any spirit of darkness from using any person or thing either directly or indirectly against me or my family.

Any that do the above command in Jesus’ Name to go to the Lord Jesus to be dealt with and to take all they have done to me or my family with them.

Giving to Jesus plans, events and circumstances for Him to protect as its Lord.

Lord Jesus I give to you (name what you intend to do, circumstances that are occurring or the situation you are giving to Him to be Lord of – Anything you want Him to control.).

In Jesus Name I command every demon to leave what I have given to Jesus to be lord of and to go to Him to be punished and to take all they have done or are doing with them.



Parts 3, 4 and 5 are always commanded, Part 2 is always necessary to be check and Part 1 is the only part that changes.


~ Through Neville Salvetti

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